How do you silence the socially literate?

A simple observation from when I was at last night’s MashMeet DC Remix event held at Ogilvy PR’s office in downtown DC…

I understand that some of these events often times allow companies to demonstrate their products to try and reach out to investors and those sought-after early adopters (which I’m trying ever so much to become one), but during last night’s event, there were a couple of folks roaming the crowd that had signs that asked people to “be quiet and respectful during the presentations”. I have no problem with being quiet and respectful and I think that’s the very least we can do, but in a meeting area where everyone is in the same industry and somewhat or very literate in the ways of social media, is there a chance that keeping these folks silent possible?

I very much doubt that because I bet a majority of the socially literate (in relation to web and technology) have some sort of mobile device or accessory that allows them to connect with other web applications such as Twitter, Facebook, their blog, or simply to e-mail or IM and continue the conversation. So instead of hearing people talk, you’re going to hear typing and the pressing of buttons.

What are your thoughts? Can these people be silenced?

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