Podcamp DC here I come!

So after being told that some of the people that I know are going to Podcamp DC this Saturday, I decided to see if I could register. At one point, I noticed that registration was now closed and you’d have to be bumped to the waitlist. Well forget that! Then just yesterday I tried to register again and saw 10 spots available for a participant level – which is fine because I would not have done the sponsorship level because (1) I don’t have money, and (2) I don’t know what company I would state I’m representing.

Anyways, so I managed to weasel my way into a participant spot. I think that the sessions should be interesting and there are some that I think will be very motivating. From what I see, they’ve divided up their tracks into four or five major areas: Podcasting, Social Media, Business & Marketing, and General New Media. I think that bucket list is pretty good and I’m bound to find something entertaining, to say the least.  Although now that I look at this, there are a lot of sessions that happen at the same time that I’d like to attend. Why does this always happen?!?!

But if you’re going to Podcamp, then let me know because I’d like to start networking with folks and meet them face-to-face. Don’t get me wrong, being on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media venues is great, but I’d like to be able to verbally communicate as opposed to simply reading conversations. Here’s how you can get in touch with me…

  • Email: kyeung808 [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Twitter: kyeung808
  • Facebook: Leave me a message or something
  • Phone: (202) 277-6726
  • Text: (202) 277-6726

See you at Podcamp DC!

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