Seesmic can bridge the world!

I discovered Seesmic probably about a few months ago and it seemed to be in its infancy, but these days, it’s been making some remarkable breakthroughs including a post from a US soldier in Iraq! Imagine no longer waiting for lines to communicate with your loved ones. If you have a mobile phone, you can spend some of your downtime (if that’s even possible right now overseas) to talk to your friends by simple video messaging and vlogging about your experiences. The popularity of Seesmic seems to also extend to other reporters who want to post videos online quickly for late breaking news, like perhaps the tragic tsunamis in Indonesia or the “historic” voting in Pakistan or maybe the recognized independence of Kosovo. It’s a social media version of CNN’s iReports. Most phones can take video footage and hopefully they’ll eventually be compatible with Seesmic.

But let’s not forget about the other international folks who contribute to the social good of Seesmic. There are folks from Shanghai, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States, to name a few so this is truly becoming a global community.  But to meet these needs, founder Loic Le Meur has redesigned his website with AJAX and no longer relies on its all-flash site which I think allows for some great accessibility and the video quality is much better. They got some better features inserted for members of this vlog network – you’re now able to track what replies have been made to your posts instantly, you’re able to view Twitter listings, and much more. Overall, I’d say that Loic has done a bang up job with the site. I’m not going to judge the design of the site because I think you need to get the functionality working before you work on the design and I think that this site will do well for many years to come.

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    Thank you SO much for your good comments

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    Thank you SO much for your good comments

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