Reading about SXSWi is almost like being there

South by Southwest

I’ve heard of South by Southwest many years ago, but haven’t had the luxury of attending…but from what I’ve been reading on various blogs like Technosailor, The Social Times, and Valleywag and also on Twitter, it’s quite amusing to learn what’s happened in Austin over the last 24-48 hours. From Scoble’s Qik tour of the party lines last night with Google’s party to navigating the lines at the Avenue A/Razorfish scene and ultimately winding up at the Ginger man for drinks to lashing out at Facebook CEO Zuckerberg about Beacon and the lack of faith people had with BusinessWeek columnist Sarah Lacey, the drama and fun kept on coming and really makes me want to be there…just need to find an excuse for taking off of work next year.

I’d like to focus on the Zuckerberg-Lacey interview for a second. Now keeping in mind that I wasn’t there for the interview and what I’ve read is paraphrased on Valleywag, I feel for someone who’s in marketing, that Zuckerberg had some interesting comments to make. Of course, SXSW is a different audience and probably wanted to know more about the intricacies about the platform and the possibilities of its evolution. But I recall a blog conversation that Geoff Livingston had about the differences between PR and Marketing and someone made the point about how the Zuckerberg SXSW interview is more about PR and putting a spin on all the issues plaguing Facebook rather than what people want to hear about how they can take advantage of these applications to improve their own products.

Here are some of the thoughts about this year’s keynote interview:

So let’s see what happens next year at SXSW. I think I’ll make all the effort to head over there. Not sure if I’ll know anyone there, but if anything, I’ll get to hear all the cool stuff going on in the social interactive realm and maybe sneak a peek at the new products and become an early adopter. But until then, keep posting your Twits, blogs, and vids and I’ll enjoy reading ’em because I’m stupid for not being there. *sigh*

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