My results of a social experiment

So as many (or at least some) of you know, I recently headed down to New Orleans for the Allstate BCS Sugar Bowl at the Superdome. Seeing that this was going to be perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime chance, I thought I’d share this moment with as many people as I could, but obviously within limits. So I chose to try and experiment and see if I could create a social media run-through. So what did I do? Probably not as much as I wanted to…

With my limited technology hardware made available to me, I was forced to resign myself to posting on-the-fly posts on Utterz, blogging on my personal site, and uploading pictures to an online gallery, video to YouTube, quick updates on Twitter when applicable, and a couple of video posts on Seesmic. So did I think I was “social”? Probably…I think it was good enough.

Social Media appears to be a very wide form of media that it just seems that you NEED to do something from all the different applications just to make sure that people notice you. In my instance, it just seems that I covered JUST enough and maybe even I overdid it? What are your thoughts? Even though I covered the spectrum with voice, video, audio, and text, I don’t think the “live” media truly existed. Truly this is the glory that is mobile devices. Had I obtained a nice smartphone or something with a great data plan, I’m sure that my live tweets, streaming video on Qik, or even snapshots on Seesmic or UStream would have been more appealing.

But you know what? There isn’t really a point to this posting. Just an honest observation that I need to get into the game and be more involved. Hopefully that’s a change in 2008.

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