Web 2.0 + 1 = Web 3.0

Adobe Firefly-generated rainbow wave

Does anyone notice that we’re already past Web 1.0 and over 2.0? Well in case you didn’t, you had better catch up to the rest of the online world. It’s shocking to believe but we’re in Web 3.0. What is 3.0, you ask? It’s just an evolutionary step above the whole user interaction phase of web development. Instead of user-generated content such as podcasting, blogging, lifecasting, photo-sharing, etc., Web 3.0 is developed technology that seems more like artificial intelligence, but is not quite what you would see in a Steven Spielberg movie.

Reed Hastings, founder of Netflix, defines Web 3.0 according to the different phases of the web over the past dozen years or so:

Web 1.0 was dial-up, 50K average bandwidth, Web 2.0 is an average 1 megabit of bandwidth and Web 3.0 will be 10 megabits of bandwidth all the time, which will be the full video Web, and that will feel like Web 3.0.

Also known as the “semantic” web, once utilized, websites will become more realistic, moving away from being two-dimensional towards the eventual goal of three-dimensional. Could we be seeing holograms soon? This semantic web appears to be creating spiders, cookies, search engines, etc. more aware of what users are searching/looking for online and bringing up more concise results.

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