Could America’s Most Wanted Be Found On Facebook?

When social media networking sites were first created, did anyone think of the good it could bring about? Most often we think about what harmful things could happen as a result: solicitation of children, pornographic material, identity theft, or other dangerous things. Luckily in this particular case, social media turned out to be the thing that caught a suspect and resulted in him being prosecuted for his hate crime.

In Washington, DC, Phillip Anderton was charged with assaulting an individual in Georgetown while suing homophobic epithets and luckily the victim wasn’t severely hurt with perhaps most of the damage to a broken thumb. Nevertheless, Phillip wasn’t caught by the police within seconds or investigated until the victim decided to try and figure out if, of all things, see if his attacker was on Facebook. When you’re looking for your attacker, why not look at one of the two largest trafficked websites in the world? Strangely and luckily enough, the victim found a “person of interest” and one thing led to another and now Phillip Anderton is being charged with the hate crime.

Good job, Facebook!

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