You Can Post Pictures, but Don’t Post THOSE Pictures

I logged into LinkedIn early this morning and decided to look at my profile – yes, I can appear to be that vain at times, but who doesn’t like looking to see what they’ve placed on their profiles? I was startled to find that my profile, which at one point was 100% complete was now reduced to a measly 95%. That’s right, my profile completion had gone from being perfect to an A grade. Rather chagrined, I had to refresh the page and realized that now I could add a photo to my profile page. I didn’t put anything to it until I came across a CNN article online that talked about how LinkedIn is now allowing users to post photos to better connect their friends and networks…because we all know that there could be multiple people named “Sam What’s-His-Face” that works at “Company XYZ” and lives in the “Region Unknown”.

It seems that LinkedIn definitely fought this and would like to have kept the profile picture feature off of their system if not to discourage potential employers/headhunters from discriminating against users, but they relented and said “go ahead and post your photos”. They highly advise you NOT to post those late night gatherings or pictures of you holding a 40 oz bottle of booze while at a strip club. That would NOT be a good thing on THIS social networking site. Remember, if all else fails, the one thing to keep in mind when posting photos on LinkedIn: these are not your friends, but your network – they will refer you to your next job. Don’t be stupid.

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