Microsoft Build-Along…

In recent days, Microsoft has been in the news specifically targeting game designers/programmers by inviting them to try their hand and invent/design the latest and greatest in games for the XBox 360. I think this is pretty novel, but will only pertain to the programmer market — so Microsoft has done their job right. I’m all for adding in more bone-crushing action or being able to substitute my favorite character in every game I play, but alas, that’s not for us common folks.

Capitalizing on YouTube, Microsoft believes that users of this game design program will share their games through their XBox LIVE capabilities. Taking this whole concept online is just another evolution of the open-source generation that occurred through Linux’s development and also with PHP and open-source web coding. Will people be able to download these revolutionary XBox custom-made games off of the web and burn them onto a DVD to insert into their XBox’es and play them?

Just imagine: with these games custom-built, this may result in a lower cost for the consumers in purchasing these games. This means that there are lower overhead costs for Microsoft and their developing partners. In the end, the consumer wins once again…

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