Now if only I had Wi-Fi in MY neighborhood…

Google once again struts its muscle around town by offering its hometown city of Mountain View, CA free wireless Internet capability (Wi-Fi). Those generous folks will make this town in Silicon Valley one of the largest metropoliltan areas in the United States with Wi-Fi access. So, if you’re in the neighborhood and you want to be able to access your e-mail, text your friend, or simply surf the web, you can drive through this city and use your laptop, Palm/PDA, cell phone, blackberry, or any other handheld device to do as you please.

This isn’t a uncommon occurrance in the United States, but it is rare to see a sector this big being outfitted with Wi-Fi access. If you happen to drive by any Starbucks or Border’s, you will notice that you may or may not receive wireless internet — it all depends on whether you have to pay the provider. It’s a tricky little system that we have here. It’s basically playing Russian roulette, but without the dying part, when seeing if someone has an unsecured wireless Internet connection. While most people are paying T-Mobile approximately $30.00 for wireless access, and Verizon has a Internet card that you apparently pay $75.00/month for limitless Internet access, wouldn’t it be great (and more cost-effective), if your town was fitted with FREE Wi-Fi?

Don’t get me wrong…there are definitely places where you can get free Wi-Fi, but these “hotspots” are smaller than a town of 70,000. To find out where your nearest hotspot is, you can go to this site or to

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