Do you want to use another browser? Flock that!

Flock browser

Social networking users rejoice! Since the introduction of Flock to the community, this Internet browser has grown to over 3 million users that have downloaded this incredible browser. Now you have a browser that is in tune with your social needs. Check your Twitter pals in real time without having to hit the refresh button. Flock has a panel on the browser that displays your friends & their status info. But that’s not all! Why stop with Twitter? Look at YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook details while surfing the web. I’m so glad that Flock is in tune with my net needs.

In case that doesn’t impress you enough, Flock recently released a press release (is that redundant enough?) that says that out of the 3 million downloads, 70% have selected Flock as their default browser. Active users has also increased 135 percent in just the opening months of 2008! And they’re just getting started.

I got hooked on Flock thanks to one of my friends and now I’m using it for everything online. I surf the web, check webmail on it, and do all my socializing to boot. What more could a person ask for. In fact, I’m checking to see what some of my Twitter pals are doing while I’m typing this blog posting.

Go check out Flock. It’s free to download and if you don’t find it’s of any use to you, then go ahead and revert back to Firefox…or you could try Internet Explorer. I hear that it’s a pretty good browser too.

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