Eat, drink, and donate money to a good cause.

It seems that I’m always trying to piggyback off of the good work that my friend, Peter Corbett of iStrategyLabs is doing, but the more publicity the better, right? Especially for this, I suppose. I remember a while back that someone was trying to do some charity work for those less fortunate by donating cheap computers, but brushed it aside, but it appears that it’s coming back into prominence. In actuality, this One Laptop per Child program is designed to help provide those less fortunate with opportunities to strive and educate themselves on what’s going on in the world and advance their lives to be something when they grow up.

So what can we do? Well I didn’t do anything…yet, but Peter and his merry troupe of Washington, DC technogurus will be hosting at Lotus Lounge on December 6 a drink and sushi fundraising event where donations will go towards providing a laptop for the “needy” (and I use the term loosely as these kids aren’t unfortunate, they just need the tools to succeed and Peter’s helping to make it happen).  So register today and make your donations and help out local DC kids “explore, experiment and express themselves” with a laptop.

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  1. jen_chan, writer Avatar

    Yes, I’ve heard of this give a child a laptop program as well. I actually read it at someone’s blog. The entry was about spending for holiday gifts and at the same time giving back to society as well. This Technoholiday party is good work. I hope it succeeds and I hope this charity event gets all the publicity it needs. There should be a hundred or so people who are bored with spending their holidays the same way. With this party, they’ll certainly kick off the yuletide season with a bang.

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