GW Presents a Seminar on Offline to Online Tourism Marketing

George Washington University in Washington, DC presents a pretty interesting two-day seminar that anyone involved in tourism should attend. These sessions are especially helpful for anyone managing marketing and also working on any online marketing components (website, e-mail marketing, online advertising, blogging, etc.)

Some questions that will be answers include:

  • How can I integrate a state of the art booking engine on my site?
  • How do you manage marketing expenditures online?
  • How much money should I be spending in online marketing?
  • Is my website the best it can be?
  • How do I evaluate my interactive agency.
  • Should I use one agency for both online and offline work?

Presented by George Washington University, this event has two great moderators, Mike Pusateri and Binod Taterway, pretty good experts in the field of strategy and online marketing and several guest speakers will probably be there, including Ben Isenberg who has received rave reviews for his basic down-to-earth discussion on the “7 principles for effective Search Engine Optimization”.

You can learn more by going to or register at

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