Phishing Scam Alert: Monster Job Seeker Tool = BOGUS

If you’ve received an e-mail from what appears to be from, be careful that you’re not falling for a phishing scam and compromise your account. I received an e-mail from from an account I used a long time ago and it asked me to download the latest Job Seeker Tool to help prevent me from not having access to my account after a certain date. Well it seems legit right? Well until my curiosity got the better of me and I tried to look for anything out of the ordinary and took me a while before I saw it!

Monster Job Seeker Tool Phishing Scam

If you look at the above screenshot, you’ll see the download screen which they tell you that you’ll see in step 2 in downloading the Job Seeker Tool. Obviously those that aren’t anal in their observations won’t quickly notice it, but look at where I’ve circled in red…the .com address isn’t even Monster’s domain. Now why would a company as big as Monster develop perhaps its own proprietary software only to have it come from another domain? Odd…so the fact that I wouldn’t be able to access my account any longer without getting this tool also perplexed me. The result? I googled this “Job Seeker Tool” and came across this site talking about the phishing scam.

So if you get this e-mail, delete it.

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