Discover America Site Aims to Drive U.S. Tourism

Adobe Firefly-created image of a happy family traveling cross-country.

So I found out that the Discover America website, a collaboration of the US Department of Commerce with the Travel Industry Association of America, is slowly getting itself back up on its feet. They have a great partnership with Disney, Travelocity, Yahoo, and American Express and you can sign up to receive a newsletter with the latest information on the progress of the campaign.

As you can expect from this site, Discover America will be the “official” website for the United States and feature links back to the state CVBs but may also include links to other city bureaus as well for more promotions and greater search visibility with SEO and SEA. Why is the Department of Commerce putting together a nationwide site? Well because they want to target the international market and bring them back to the US since we’ve done a good job of telling the community that we’re an aggressive bunch and all we do is seek out violence.

The site currently only features a splash page but can be translated into other international languages like German, Spanish, French, etc., and incorporates some Flash technology. I expect it will use more wikis, back-end programming, and some web 2.0 systems when it’s launched in March 2008.

So stay tuned for more from the Discover America partnership. Bring back the tourists!

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