Blogger vs. WordPress

As you may have noticed, I changed my blog a little bit…the only main difference is that I’ve transitioned my blog away from Blogger to WordPress. Why? Well there seems to be some more scalability and features that can be used on WordPress as opposed to Blogger.

I’ve used both Blogger and WordPress on two separate blogs and I must say that I prefer WordPress over Blogger. While Blogger is probably tied really closely with the Google search engine, it severly lacks in its ability to offer customized templates and plugins for its users. Obviously with customized templates you could create your own, but with WordPress, there are perhaps hundreds of templates to choose from and will automatically keep your previous settings (if applicable). Now I’ve migrated this blog to WordPress, it offers me more control and allows for a more stable uploading of files to associate with my blogs. One major issue that occurred (and possibly was due to how I set the FTP up) as that the blogs would take minutes to load to the site and not that it’s totally a time-sensitive issue, but you want to have systems that are rather consistent in their up time.

So until a new system comes on, I’m pretty happy sticking with WordPress. Blogger is good for those who want plain and simple ways to blog, but for those with a need for a more technical prowess and ability, WordPress is the way to go.

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