CATCHING UP: Visual Studios on Second Life?

So I’ve begun this pseudo-“I’d like this to try and be daily”-series on all the latest news that’s been going on recently over the past few months, but haven’t had the chance (or time) to talk about…and please forgive my ignorance on some of these stories. I am aware of these topics, but not about the subtle nuances….and here we go.

MarketingVOX reported back in June 2007 that the 800 pound gorilla, Microsoft, was announcing its decision to enter into social media to promote its latest version of Visual Basic. Wait, are you serious? Of course it’s probably a great way to promote the software, but really…on Second Life? Apparently Microsoft is deadset on creating a challenge to invite participants to complete “logic puzzles” and as a result, if you win all ten puzzles, you have a chance to win land in Second Life – which apparently isn’t cheap.

Okay, so there is an existing market in Second Life, but I bet you the majority of people there are being constantly exposed to the porn industry of the Internet. I’m surprised that Second Life still exists!

Why not go with other social media avenues? Perhaps doing an online contest outside of Second Life, but promoted IN Second Life? I suppose it’s a decent idea…most people who know Visual Basic or are aware of Visual Basic are probably on Second Life since the GUI incorporates some aspects that are familiar to these folks.

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