Accessing Your Myspace Page From Your Phone

So perhaps this isn’t anything new, but if you noticed, AT&T has this new feature on their phones where you can view your Myspace page straight off of your phone. You could read and post blogs, edit profiles, add friends, etc. all from the comfort of a small screen on your cell phone.

What’s interesting is that what is so new about this? Most major service providers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint-Nextel) have data service and with that, you can go ahead and access your page. Although upon closer inspection of the FAQs on the AT&T website, it says that it’s a downloadable application for those cell phones that are compatible and also subject to a $2.99 monthly fee PLUS data charges. So essentially you might just want to stick with the data charge and access your Myspace page through the web browser.

C’mon…how addicted do you have to be to access your Myspace page when you’re on the road? Okay, probably not THAT addicted, but I suppose any additional little/minor feature on a cell phone is something that will entice consumers to change to AT&T…

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