Worst AdWords Campaign Management Mistakes…

According to an SEO blog and posted today, there are some key mistakes that keep getting made when it comes to Google AdWords and hopefully if you keep these in mind, then you’re campaign will hopefully take off and make your website well known among your target market.

Some things to avoid and not to do (according to seoblog.seojoint.com)

  • Avoid long list of less than targeted keywords.
  • Avoid not identifying unique aspects of your product or service.
  • Avoid lack of keywords in your ad text.
  • Avoid directing users solely to your home page.
  • Avoid creation of single Ad Groups.
  • Avoid utilizing single campaigns.
  • Avoid using broad match only.
  • Avoid failing to optimize Ad Serving for your ads.
  • Avoid not tracking results.
  • Avoid entering the content network without modifying bids.

Some of these are common things that everyone can do and yes it can be time-consuming, but if you make a habit out of it, you’ll be sure to be rewarded in the long-run. It’s never a good idea to invest your money into something only to not watch it grow. Would you stick your money into a moderate growth stock and let it sit there for the next 10-15 years without doing anything with it? Surely not…because while that single stock is only rising and falling slightly in price, its nearest competitor may be skyrocketing. Make that quick buck…save a few dollars…and go jump around. With Google AdWords, it’s all about strategy and quick-thinking.

Sure, you can stick with the same keyword for the entirety of your company’s life, but you’ll need to modify the copy every now and then otherwise it becomes stale and you’ll wind up being complacent with the effects of the global economy.

Be specific in your reach and avoid nonsense words that won’t give you a decent ROI or you’ll wind up just putting money away on keywords that you could have better spent on more targeted keywords that would bring in more clients and/or customers.

Oh, and what can’t be stressed enough…TRACK your users…find out where they’re coming from and where they’re going. Find out what their behaviors are so you can adjust your strategy to make them repeat customers. These will then, in turn, hopefully bring in new customers as they spread your good name through word of mouth.

More of this article can be found at seo-blog.seojoint.com.

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