Interactive Social Marketing Discussed

In an article published on Search Engine yesterday, there are notes on the great Search Engine Strategies conference held last week in Chicago, Illinois.

As it turns out, the big thing discussed was the impact on the web being more driven by social marketing as opposed to interactive marketing. What’s the difference? According to Bill Flitter, Vice President, Marketing, of Pheedo, interactive marketing is “tell us what you think of what we tell you” while social marketing (or social media) is “tell each other“. Basically, it’s an evolution of the web from being a sell to customers to being rebranded as a medium for customers to find customers — thus becoming more like a middleman in a company’s sales process.

As stated in the article, for Marc Schiller, CEO of Electric Artists, the answer is clear. “What has changed since the Internet bubble in 2000? It became a lot more social.” Today, marketers should focus less on connecting with customers, and more on connecting customers with other customers.

Soliciting feedback from others, blogging about changes, and taking advantage of the enormous social opportunity presented on the Internet are all parts of the growing popularity that people are seeing in marketing online.

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