The 21st Century Way to get Elected President…

So as the years roll on, we are rapidly approaching a new election year. 2008 will present an interesting challenge, as Hillary Clinton takes on all challengers within the Democratic party, including Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden, and former Senator John Edwards. Who will claim victory and go against the Republican force of Arizona Sen. John McCain, former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitch Romney. However, that’s not the point of this posting…

What’s interesting is how these candidates are declaring their candidacy and getting involved with 21st century technology. It used to be that candidates went on morning talk shows and/or weekend talk shows and gave their spiel there. However, as more people are logging online, it seems rather careless of these aspiring candidates NOT to join this movement and try and show that they too are embracing technology and can reach many people through this media.

Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.) just announced that he’s “in” to try and win the presidency. I went on his website and there’s a standard landing page, but he’s taken the initiative (as has many other candidates) to have an e-mail sign up form that I’m sure he’ll frequently use to tout his many campaign promises and destroy the Bush administration at every turn. However, what I’ve seen on his site, but NOT on the leading Democratic contender (Hillary Clinton as of today), is that Biden has already set up a MySpace page, a site on YouTube, and is also on FaceBook and Flickr…these four sites are quite popular among young adults and that is what will secure the presidency for candidates — force the young adults to vote in droves and you might just lock up the election!

It’s nice to see that candidates are embracing the technical age and what new things will candidates do to reach out to their consitutents and make them interact with them? How about a video conferencing town hall meeting? Or a live webcast of a press conference that viewers can e-mail in their questions? The possibilities are endless

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