Are amateurs better than professionals?

It seems that Corporate America has grown stale and Madison Avenue has lost its touch in how to develop the latest “WOW” advertisement. Jumping off of what Time Magazine named as persons of the year, the Super Bowl this year will feature new ads for several brand name products, but not produced by those who make it their living. Instead, these companies are turning to…who else?…amateurs who have created their own videos to express what they love about that particular product. I think Doritos might be one of them, but we’ll all have to wait and see what is shown in Super Bowl XLI.

However, why stop at the Super Bowl when the Internet can play a big factor in deciding what the next ad will be featured in perhaps one of the biggest spots in the world…Times Square. By logging onto, you can add your vision of what the latest graphic will look like floating above the street. For the next 60 days, you can go prove to those folks on Madison Avenue that the consumers know how to market Pepsi and that’s probably the best way to sell your product.

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