Design your e-mail so it has appeal…

Taken from the Internet Marketing Report and, here are some simple “must-haves” that supposedly will help you boost your e-mail delivery performance.

  • Set the message width to a maximum of 620 pixels and the type of a maximum of 65 characters. This will make the message readable in most common e-mail programs and broswers.
  • Use HTML code for bulleted and numbered lists. It makes things easier to read.
  • Keep the size between 20K and 40K to decrease the chance of landing in the bulk mail folder.
  • Keep the design clean. Most recipients make a fast click-vs.-delete decision so have your call to action visible and apparent for them to decide.
  • Be picky about consistency. Use templates or create a style guide and stick with it!
  • Make your call to action a graphic, not text. This helds avoid tripping content filters.
  • Include a text URL.

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