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Welcome to 2024! In this first issue of “The AI Economy,” I’ve curated the week’s top articles on artificial intelligence. But rather than featuring content offering basic tutorials, we’ll explore AI’s impact on businesses, the workforce, society, and today’s technology. The goal is to help working professionals better understand one of the biggest innovative disruptions in our lives.

Why Should You Trust Me?

As a seasoned journalist for The Next Web and VentureBeat, I’ve actively followed evolving technology. With nearly five years of leading editorial efforts at Flipboard, I’m no stranger to curation. Trust that I bring a discerning eye to identify high-quality stories from respected reporters.

But before we get to this week’s AI roundup, here’s today’s prompt:

Previewing CES 2024

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) runs from January 9 to 12 and expect to face a deluge of gadget news. However, one theme experts believe will be prominent this year is how AI will be baked into the latest product releases.

Anticipate a “tsunami” of company announcements heralding machine learning-powered devices. This isn’t the first year we’ve seen AI at CES — the technology has been around for some time with robotics and autonomous vehicles. But after its breakthrough moment with ChatGPT, AI will be everywhere.

As you read about the enhancements coming to new TVs, the latest computing form factor, and the next-gen health-focused wearables, take heed of what might go unmentioned: the intricate ways companies are using data to shape personalized services. Plus, be cognizant of broader AI applications, extending beyond the conventional chatbot landscape.

➡️ Read my CES preview write-up here.

What You Need to Know About AI

Here’s your curated look at the state of artificial intelligence for the week of January 1:

🏭 Industry Insights

✏️ Generative AI

⚙️ Hardware News

💰 Funding News

⚖️ Copyright and Regulatory Issues

💥 Disruption

🔎 Opinions and Research

End of the Line

Those are all the articles from this week, but you can keep track of everything I’m reading by following my Flipboard Magazine, “FYI”.

What did you think of the inaugural edition of “The AI Economy?” Please share your feedback with me — leave a comment or drop me a note on LinkedIn. What did you love? Hate? Is there something you think I should include in future editions?

Thanks for reading!

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