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I wanted to follow up on my last post about my new adventures with this update…a day later, I suddenly realized that I had left something really important out of my big announcement — the drive and the support that helped get me to become the next Bay Area Reporter for The Next Web.

As most of you probably know, I’ve been writing as much as I can recently for this cool tech blog called, started over six years ago by one of the most well-regarded and smart people I know, Brian Solis. But did you also know that I have been contributing to the site for over the past three years covering events and using it as a platform for me to showcase my photography and writing? I think it was because of Brian and that I have gained a foothold here in Silicon Valley and without that, I don’t think I would have been recognized as much as I am now — not that I’m well-known now, but let’s just say that it was because of that I’ve been put on the proverbial “map”.

I started writing here on this blog because I wanted to be recognized for being a great marketer who had some intelligent insights to share with people about the emergence of web technology. It’s been my main microphone and never expected someone to ask me to write for them. As my writing progressed, I’ve been fortunate to produce content for Network Solutions, which was a great opportunity, but it was that got me more recognition here amongst my peers and the tech community and for that, I’m ever grateful to the team.

My success today is because of the enormous belief that Brian had in me and my writing ability to give me a chance to write for his blog. Then, he further demonstrated this trust by basically giving me control over in naming me Editor-in-Chief…something, to this day, I’m humbled and ecstatic about. Thank you for helping me to realize my dream of becoming a writer…and for inspiring me to now do that full-time at The Next Web.

So I want to personally thank Brian, Krystyl, and everyone on the team for their support of me and the amazing opportunity to work with them. I learned a lot and enjoyed working with everyone there. Of course, my many friends and colleagues over the years have also played an important part in where I am as well so I don’t want to forget to mention them…you folks are the reason why I’m always so interested in what’s happening in the world. So thank you too.

No word yet on what’s going to happen to in light of my new move, but you should go check it out.

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  1. Maria Ogneva Avatar

    I am super late to the party, but wanted to officially congratulate on your next step! It’s no surprise that all these folks believe in you — there’s something to believe in! I’m so excited for you; this couldn’t go to a better, nicer person.


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