Here We Go Again. This Time I’m Changing The Way I Do Business.

Kane & FinkelIt’s been quite a week here in San Francisco – hasn’t it? First the San Francisco Giants win the World Series, 1 million fans attend the city’s largest parade celebrating the championship and, for me, this was the first week in what was a lifelong dream of mine since I first moved to the city: a full-time job with a great company.

In September 2008, I moved to the Bay Area in search of a great opportunity in the Internet/technology industry. For nearly two years, this has eluded me to the point where, although I’ve had some phenomenal chances at working with GREAT companies like DraftFCB and even Stage Two (which I hoped would be my next dream job), I lucked out time and again.

Well that is until now…

Back in August, I started a contract position with an interesting agency here in San Francisco called Kane & Finkel. The twist to it was that it’s a healthcare communications company. What this means is that my clients are all in pharmaceuticals, something which I wasn’t that adept at doing. However, after nearly four months, I can say that I probably have found the next great opportunity here in the Bay Area. Sure, the first three months were more on a full-time contract basis, but effective as of this past Monday, my life has now changed to where I’m more about the full-time employee status – meaning that I’ll now be given a salary and benefits and a steady job, something that I’ve craved for quite a bit of time.

Yes, I will be definitely sacrificing some of the things that I’ve loved doing over the past couple of years, including being able to head to events and conferences during the day, in addition to the fact that I won’t be able to be online utilizing social media as frequently as I had been used to, but I think that this clearly is a good excuse and makes up for it.

So why Kane & Finkel? Well it’s because I like the work that they’re doing…I’m working in pharma and that can be a bit strange because some of the jokes I hear are “So you’re a drug dealer?” or things like that and while funny, the truth is that I’m working with some great clients and medicine…like the kind you seriously need when you have a heart, liver or kidney transplant. Other medication is focused on Alzheimer’s disease or other useful medicine. Not only that, the agency has been ranked one of the BEST places to work here in San Francisco. Who could ask for anything better?

What am I doing at Kane & Finkel? Simple…project management. I’ll be handling the interactive development of websites, email marketing, online advertising and other cool digital/online mechanisms for the agency’s clients – essentially continuing on with what I’ve been doing over the past few months and I couldn’t be more excited…it does seem as if I’ll be on the forefront of helping to shape the interactive environment for the agency’s clients and maybe even making an impact in how the industry leverages social media (because we all know that in a highly regulated industry, there’s some things you can and can’t do).

The dream has been realized and now we’ll see what the next year or so takes me as I continue on this path as a full-time employee here at Kane & Finkel.

Just how awesome does that sound?

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