Changing My Plans & You Decide: Plancast or Google Calendar?

Upcoming EventsI was hoping to kind of keep this secret, but unfortunately it seems that I’m not able to because I’m really not sure what to do here. As you know, I’ve been aggregating events from my calendar and posting them to my blog for people to find and review – completely free and I don’t think I’d change that anytime soon. But now Plancast has come into play and I’d love to leverage it more. That’s why I created the @thelettertwo Plancast account because I wanted to move away from Google Calendar towards something much more “social” in nature. I really like Plancast and it’s growing and should be a really great tool to explore. BUT, their widget is leaving me wanting…when I embed it, I only see this week and next week versus my Google Calendar which will show you however long you want.

If you use my Calendar of Events on my blog, how would you want to see the events? Google Calendar or through a widget provided by Plancast?

Downside of Google Calendar is that you can’t view it on mobile devices unless you subscribe to my calendar, but even then I’m not sure how many people are actually subscribing or just visiting the page to see what’s the latest news. Good side, you can see what’s happening in the future. But it’s also more work for me to update, but I can handle that.

Downside of using Plancast? The widget is only showing you two weeks and there’s no way to view more events unless you click through to view my Plancast account. Good news? I can see how many people subscribe to the feed and it’s easier to find information and events to insert. I don’t know if it’s able to be viewed on mobile devices though…

You help me decide…please?

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