Coming Full Circle To SXSW & This Time I’m Photographing It All

A year ago around this time, I found myself taking a big risk by going to my first conference. I had just moved to San Francisco and began networking with people in the technology and Internet industry, but I found out that this one conference would be good because I’d be able to network with some of the people I followed on Twitter and also possibly land a job – or at least open some doors. Unfortunately, it didn’t land me a job immediately, but what that particular experience did do is allow me to meet some great people to which I now have some good friendships with.

Since that time, I’ve been on a whirlwind tour through most of the major technology conferences, including BlogWorld, Gnomedex, SES San Francisco, Web 2.0 San Francisco, Ad-Tech: San Francisco, Inbound Marketing Summit, Consumer Electronics Show, 140 Character Conference, Twiistup, TechCrunch50 and many others. Along the way, I’ve also discovered my love of photography – I had done photography before as a hobbyist shooting nature and scenary, but not for event-specific work. All of that has changed since South by Southwest in 2009.

Where does that lead me to today? Frankly it’s taken me all the way back full circle. In a little less than four weeks, I’ll be heading back to South by Southwest to attend for the second year. I’ll be going a little bit wiser (I hope) and also will be eager to meet a lot of my old friends and eager to meet some new friends. The 2010 edition of SXSW also presents an interesting circumstance to me that I’m pleased to announce:

During the interactive portion of South by Southwest, I will be there acting as one of the SXSW photographers capturing the moment at sessions, locations and parties.

So if you’re going to SXSW, be sure to try and find me. I’ll be at all the major parties, most likely at sessions and keynotes and even in the lounges. I’m still waiting on a photo shoot list from the great folks at SXSW so if you’re on a panel or speaking, make sure you smile so I can take your photo too!

I’m really appreciative of the folks at SXSW for their faith and allowing me to showcase my talent. These photos that will be taken will be posted on my Flickr page (at least) and who knows, could be featured on any of your favorite tech publications! Oh, the anticipation is practically killing me!

So, I’ll be at SXSW and looking to take your photo. If you see me there, ask me to take your photo and give me your business card. I’m definitely eager to make the best out of this year’s conference and I know it’s going to rock!

See you in Austin!

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