oneforty Creates The Ultimate Twitter App Store. Take That Apple!


It was inevitable. Someone was just going to put it together.

Well someone did. Laura Fitton, author of the incredible book Twitter for Dummies has put together an incredible directory that lets the Twitter community “discover and share tools and services that make Twitter valuable”. No longer are you stuck with simply sitting there and wondering if someone has put together a Twitter app that would solve a specific problem. Nor will you have to ponder whether the application you developed for Twitter has a market or if it will be found by the masses. oneforty solves all of that for you.


In order to access the Twitter directory, you’re going to need to login using Twitter’s authentication protocols. No big surprise here. But once you do log in, you’re going to be shown an awe-inspiring and well organized directory that shows you which applications are the most popular, which apps are the newest, categories and much more.  Just what are these categories in oneforty? It practically could be a marketer’s paradise as it relates to Twitter as you can parse through apps that developers created for advertising, analytics, business, games, mobile, news, search, shopping, URL shorteners, and other purposes.

As more businesses are trying to get into Twitter marketing, this is perhaps the best asset out there. I know a lot of marketers may simply be wondering which apps are the most popular and which ones other competitors may be using in order to achieve a certain objective. Wonder no longer. Let’s take a look at any one of these Twitter applications to get a better understanding as to the power behind oneforty.


So I clicked on CoTweet to see if it would add any value for my business. What I do know about CoTweet is that it will allow others in my company to tweet within a specific Twitter account in order to make sure that all issues are addressed with people who tweet to a company account.

What you encounter is a very detailed description of the application. Basically you’re given the synopsis of what CoTweets is, you’re given screenshots, related tweets, information on the developers, reviews of the application (a la, and even a list of people who use the application. Granted that the list of those using the application are limited to only those users who are also part of oneforty but that at least helps build a community so you can talk to them more – perhaps as trusted resources?

I must say that I’m pretty giddy about what’s been created here. There’s not much to the site, but what is there screams volumes. You basically have a centralized repository that gives you a plethora of information without you having to scramble to compare what’s going on. I’d say it’s almost like the version for Twitter…or better yet, it’s the microblogging version of the Apple Apps Store. Twitter will most likely be the biggest thing for the next few years and perhaps beyond that so it’s good that this has the potential to be the leading authority of Twitter app distribution.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for your oneforty invite today and start browsing. If you’re a business and wants to get on board this “Twitter craze”, then you would be foolish not to be a part of this. Developers need to also pay attention to this store since it’s going to be a clearinghouse for all Twitter apps…this isn’t one of those things to be trifled with.

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