Putting a New Spin On TheLetterTwo.com.

It’s been a couple of years in the making and you can see the evolution of this “brand” that I started over the past few years. It started out all so simple with a basic design that I felt would highlight my web design ability. Starting off with a simple HTML website and subsequent pages, the premise behind TheLetterTwo.com was nothing but simply “hey, I’ll build you a website and help you grow your business.” That has since evolved to something more of a personal brand where I share my knowledge and insights into how businesses can exploit and leverage the world of the Internet.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been using my blog as the cornerstone for all things related to TheLetterTwo.com. Since starting my foray into social media and blogging, I felt it was more prudent to put a more interactive spin on my web presence rather than a stoic and unimpressive website. But now, while I’m in search of further increasing my brand awareness and recognition, it’s probably about time for me to evolve once again and this has led me to announce the new redesign of TheLetterTwo.com.

Site redesign for TheLetterTwo.com

I’m pretty happy with how the site has turned out and takes advantage of the different social networks that I’m a part of. One of the primary things for me when redesigning this website is (1) to challenge my skills and increase my knowledge and (2) make sure I showcase exactly what I want in a new site – that being my blog, highlighting my expertise and ways to get in touch with me.

Before, I felt like I wanted my website to be the central repository of information, but instead having it connected to sites like LinkedIn, Coroflot, Flickr and now to my blog via RSS, I feel like I’m able to branch out more and leverage that existing technology without worrying about constant updating my site. So in essence this new design has become more of a hybrid portal/dashboard page. My main area is still going to be here on my blog but the front of this site will be a good representation of who I am first before customers and interested parties delve into other areas of my virtual life.

I hope you find this site interesting and look forward to your feedback about whether or not this is a good site or what improvements you might make. Please leave your feedback in the comments below.

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