Introducing the Mobile Me Lifestream.

The Mobile Ken (Posterous)I happened to be at an event on Friday in Palo Alto when I had an epiphany. Some of you have numerous accounts on social networks or related to other forms of web technology – I am no different. During this phase of “reconciliation”, I found out a new form of informing folks of what I’m doing. Here on, this is my professional thoughts. Things that businesses might be interested in doing. I used to have a personal blog, but that’s been going on & off for a bit and is still on “temporary” hiatus. When I’d like to communicate my own thoughts about what’s going on in my personal daily life, I found no real avenue for me to seek out insight and feedback.

This has all changed as of this week. How so? It’s because of Posterous. When they first started, I had simply set up an account but now I’ve decided that I would be using the site as a mobile form of a lifestream. During my travels around the city, state, country or world, I imagine that Posterous would be very useful in my accounting of what’s going on. And it’s actually been quite beneficial for me at this point since I’ve been at the Search Engine Strategies 2009 Conference in San Jose. Before, I just had to jot down notes and then put up a blog post, but now I can easily take notes on my cell phone and email them to Posterous and instantly people will be able to see the notes taken from the keynotes and sessions (albeit not legitimately real-time, but still timely).

You can view my Posterous page here and I encourage you to subscribe and let me know what you think. The purpose of this page is to jot down some thoughts that I think would be insightful and that I can put a brief background to. It’s too long for tweets (and will cut down considerably on the noise that I produce when live-tweeting), but also too short for a sufficient blog post.


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