Social Media Professionals Teach You Their Secrets In 100 Interviews

In an earlier post that I wrote on Network Solutions entitled Learning all you can through 100 interviews“, I called attention to the awesome job that three friends were doing with their own “startup project“. Basically the goal for them was to meet and talk with 100 people during the recent South by Southwest interactive conference in Austin, Texas. To my surprise, I was completely not expecting them to contact me. When I first arranged for my travel to SXSW, one of the interviewers, Morgan Brown, sought me out to include me in their amazing list of people who they could interview about the latest and greatest dealing with social media. Here I am, among a list of celebrity “A-listers” and great folks like Morgan Brown, Sukhjit Ghag and Derek Overbey want to interview me?

Well it did happen and I’m extremely grateful. They finally managed to get the interview up on YouTube and I hope you enjoy my thoughts as it relates to social media, marketing and the latest things happening on the web.

So what is 100 Interviews? Like I said, it was started by three friends: Sukhjit Ghag, Derek Overbey & Morgan Brown and the goal was to meet with 100 people at SXSW. Needless to say they succeeded and I believe they even exceeded that goal. But they didn’t stop there. They are still going out to events and major conferences and meeting with some of the movers & shakers out in the industry to get their thoughts. Look, you can watch videos of folks like Guy Kawasaki, Michael Arrington or Dave Winer all you want and listen to them speak about what you need to do and perhaps maybe even trust it like it was the word of God. Or you could just simply look at the videos that 100 Interviews has done with the folks who are deep in the trenches and doing social media work for themselves or their clients.

There are definitely a lot of interviews to sort through, but to help you get started and do what the pros do, I would suggest that one resource for you to review is the work done by 100 Interviews. You can hear what folks like Brian Solis, Pete Cashmore, Elliott Ng, Amanda Gravel, Julia Roy, Nicole Jordan, Peter Shankman, Laura Fitton, Micah Baldwin and Bhaskar Roy has to say and many others. So go visit their YouTube page now and get the details on what the professionals have to say.

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