I’m getting my fix at SolutionsArePower.com

A lot of interesting things are happening in my life while I’m going through right now but one thing that I’d like to announce on this blog is my latest foray into being taken serious professionally.

As you may know, Network Solutions has a great blog at SolutionsArePower.com that’s full of resources and tips for small businesses looking to take advantage of the Internet and all its different technologies. Thanks to the great work by the company’s “social media swami” Shashi Bellamkonda and Steve Fisher, I have been asked to contribute to the blog on a regular basis beginning this April.

The items that I’d like to address on my posts on SolutionsArePower.com would not be that different from what I’m writing here on TheLetterTwo.com. In fact, the point of the posts are to help give small businesses some help, information and/or tips on just how they can take advantage of the technology on hand. My “beat” for the blog would be based out of the California area (specifically Silicon Valley, San Jose, and of course, San Francisco) so I hope to cover the latest and greatest emerging out of this area where I’ll talk about the use of social media and its impact on small busineses.

I’m sure most of my posts will be in the standard format but I’d like to dabble more into interviewing interesting people whether you’re in a startup, established company, or an industry thought-leader/professional. So if I come over to you and ask you a few questions on camera or ask for a demo, please enlighten me and share with me your insights as I’m doing it to help small businesses and those who want to know more about marketing, web, and technology.

Special thanks go to the folks at Network Solutions for their trust and faith in my knowledge and for the opportunity. Don’t miss my guest posts on SolutionsArePower.com this April!

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    You rock! Good luck.

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