Take It From Mike, It’s Important To Be Consistent

I have been connected with Mike Davis on Twitter for the past few months and just today I had the pleasure of interviewing him for my series “People’s Marketers Need to Know“. We met at a local coffee shop in San Francisco where we engaged in a pretty colorful conversation that we talked about product evangelism, social responsibility, and how to integrate interactive marketing to make your programs a success.

The framing of this interview was to take it from how a product evangelist can utilize interactive marketing to help shape how the message is constructed and the effect the web can have on managing your image. A successful consultant for several high-profile tech clients, Mike has attended various conventions and traveled throughout the world and acts as a messenger of his clients’ products.

I found this interview to be quite informative and hopefully this gives you some insight into how interactive marketing can be used to help enhance any campaign or program regardless of whether you’re in an agency or in the private sector.

Chat with Mike Davis on Twitter or read his blog at globalcitizenexperiment.com.

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