Do you have the right Tag Cloud?

If you’ve ever wanted to know whether the subjects on your blog or website is exactly what you’ve been hoping for, then you’ll want to check out Wordle. This interesting application allows anyone to find out what tags are associated with blogs, websites, or anything else that has an RSS or Atom feed. Simply go to the site and plug in the right URL and within a few seconds, your very own colorful tag cloud appears.

But what’s so special about this site? It gives you a good self-check on what’s important and what people are looking for on your site. Yes, WordPress does allow you the widget that you can add to post on your site that lets people know what subjects are being searched and what topics are posted often, but if you want to know whether you’re broaching the right subjects, then this gives you more proof to help support or dispute your principle.

Wordle is a simple web application and won’t offer a great marketing breakthrough, but it might be a useful tool when examining sites to see if it has the right topic for you to review. For example, what if you’re wondering if blog X is related to social media, instead of perusing through the different posts, you could do a search in their blog search engine (if there is one), or you could hit up Wordle and query whether it’s a blog to explore further, possibly saving you time.

The queries are free and you can save tag clouds as JPEG, GIFs, and use them under a creative commons license. So check it out and find out if your blog is what you hoped it would be.

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