Video commenting on blogs: Wave of the Future?

In the past couple of months, there have been several big developments on video blogging. Perhaps most important is that two big applications have offered their services to allow people to post comments on blog posts. But not just any comment…these are video comments (I’ll wait for the “oohs” and “ahhs”).

The two that I know that offer these services are Seesmic and Viddler and they’ve successfully incorporated themselves into the top two social media sites out there: Seesmic with TechCrunch and Viddler with Mashable. I am all for reinventing the wheel and creating something much better, but for me, I don’t see how video commenting will become the wave of the future. Have we become that lazy that we aren’t able to simply type in our thoughts? I’m probably thinking about this the wrong way and only on a microscopic level…so perhaps it’s not to take over the commenting, but rather be an amendment to it. Obviously there are things that only comes across better by verbalizing it as opposed to resorting to the keyboard to accentuate your thoughts and that’s probably where video commenting performs best.

But why not in the mobile arena? That’s probably a more strategic move for having video commenting on blogs. Practically everyone has a smartphone or Blackberry or some data plan on their cell phone. In those instances, that is a cause for having video feeds and a lot more applications are being created specifically for use on mobile technology (Qik, Utterz, Evernote, Twitter, etc.) so why not exploit the blogging area? If you’re on the road and using an iPhone, pull up the latest article on or TechCrunch and find it absolutely moving (which often times can be), you might be so inclined to post your thoughts or maybe a rebuttal. Instead of walking along and looking down & typing, you could simply activate your camera, record your video on Seesmic or Viddler and post right away. It’ll save you more time and energy than the minutes you’ll waste by typing in a comment with perhaps typos and grammatical errors.

But yes, there are perhaps more logistical downsides to this issue. I tried adding Seesmic to this blog, but unfortunately it doesn’t play nicely with Disqus so I’ve been forced to deactivate the Seesmic WordPress plug-in. Now Disqus has their own video comment feature which I haven’t downloaded. However, what’s the point if all that will happen is posting a simple conversation? ReadWriteWeb came across their own thoughts that I found interesting, but troubling since they seemed to all but rule this feature out – I still find some measure of hope that video commenting will work. The article makes good points about load time, link issues, moderation, etc. In the future I’m sure these things will be addressed so I say think long-term and the applicabilty of this power that bloggers and social media folks will be able to take advantage of. It’s still in its infancy so let’s continue the conversation.

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