Amazingly WordPress is NOT perfect

WordPress recently released its latest version of its blogging software. I recently downloaded Version 2.5 and added it to both of my blogs: and With previous iterations of WordPress (or WP for short), I’ve never had any problem “upgrading”. I simply downloaded the .zip file, unzip it and upload the files to my server, overwriting previous files. No problems whatsoever. Unfortunately this time around was a little bit different. It appears that upgrading to WP Version 2.5 is not that simple…in fact, it makes me think that they’re starting to become Microsoft!

I first upgraded my WP version on and thought everything went well. I logged into my admin interface and noticed that the UI was slightly different from what I’ve grown accustomed to – not a bad thing. It’s starting to look more like how Microsoft redid their Office 2007 software - you can’t find anything that you’re looking for because of their cursed ribbon toolbar approach. But the design of WP’s interface is clean. The issue I first encountered was with embedding an image into my blog. It seemed as if I didn’t upload the files correctly as I received an error message and nothing was uploaded. In fact, I couldn’t even tell if I was successful or not as the message was rather ambiguous.

Nevertheless, I let it go for a couple of days until I tried again. I deleted the files I had on the server, redownloaded Version 2.5 again and tried to embed an image only to receive the error message “HTTP error”. What does that mean to the common user? If WordPress is supposed to be easy to use, don’t you think that it should be easy to install as well? Well suffice it to say that WordPress’s website offered no help whatsoever on the subject. You would think that they would have on their FAQ or troubleshooting site some information on bugs people are encountering with their product. I finally solved this the way I should have done so in the first place: gone on Google and typed out my problem with the tag “WordPress 2.5”. There are many sites talking about WordPress 2.5 and some are even offering assistance on how to fix the problem.

So how did I fix the problem? Well thanks to a site I came across, I had to create an .htaccess file and input some code. Now my images are able to be embedded without me being forced to upload files via FTP to my server, thereby defeating the easy publishing motive for having WordPress in the first place.

Seriously I think WordPress has been taken over by Microsoft folks. This is a good version by WordPress, but it is full of bugs. I like the creative of Version 2.5, but please check the functionality of your product before releasing it. I’ve been absolutely FRUSTRATED with how my categories and archive links mysteriously don’t work, only to figure out the problem by deleting some of the pages I’m not using. Why should I be forced to do this in the first place? WordPress offers no support on their website and while I like your product, I think the amount of bugs in a release, ESPECIALLY for avid BLOGGERS and those who subscribe to this livelihood, is something that should be addressed quickly.

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