Meet the searchable Twit

I came across the Terraminds website through, ironically, a Twitter by Robert Scoble who called it a “very nice Twitter search”. I tested it out and it’s actually quite remarkable. If you have a Twitter account, you’ll notice that the only “search” that you have is to find the people that you are looking for, but if you want more of a contextual search, that doesn’t exist…currently, but Terraminds did figure it out. It definitely appears that with the success of Twitter and the adoption of this “new” technology by the masses, more widgets and applications are targeting these “Twitwits” (courtesy of Blaine Fergerstrom), similar to Facebook. Will Twitter eventually incorporate this feature into their service or will we all be resigned to going to another website just to do a search which could easily be done via the Twitter website? Only time will tell…

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