LinkedIn’s Beta Site more Wiki’ish…it seems

So announced today on the LinkedIn blog, there is a new beta site for the social network for busy professionals. LinkedIn is opening it up to feedback but you’ll need to have an account to login and check out the new changes. What’s interesting about these changes is that they’re utilizing more wiki-style design…being able to move things up and down in terms of positioning, and being able to add some widgets, which I’m sure the list isn’t complete yet. After looking at the design, it definitely appears to be more clean and very professional looking…I think more suitable for a professional social network.

The current site dashboard when you log in simply gives you an overview and you may have trouble finding the information without scrolling up or down on the page, but the beta site design makes everything appear more aesthetically pleasing and you can keep your eye on the same page and know how many people you have on your network, what the latest questions are in your industry that other folks are asking, any updates to your network, etc. Oh, and the paid ad that is featured on your dashboard – which is beyond our control, sadly – has been integrated in a way so it fits well with the design. Sometimes you may not even know it’s an ad…not bad…

So the new site should be interesting…I wonder if they’ll come up with any new widgets you can create on your profile page. And I’m not advocating that LinkedIn goes the way of Facebook and has people add their own applications or people develop apps for LinkedIn, but from a professional standpoint, if there are professional-esque apps out there, not the ones where you can add games or trivia questions, but something more specific to professional needs (sorry, not the creative one here, but you get the point). Either way, the site is looking good. Be sure to check it out and send the folks at LinkedIn feedback on things you think they should do.

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