Halo 3 Leaked to BitTorrent

Proving once again that you can’t stop things once it reaches the Internet, a story has been published that says someone has found a way to post the files on the JUST released Halo 3 game for the XBOX360 and it is available on BitTorrent. Why waste your money going to Best Buy to get the latest game when you could spend your nights downloading the entire game and then hoping that it works? It’s all part of the fun. But wait, there’s a big downside because apparently since Microsoft offers gamers the chance to play across a wide network, they’ve configured it so modified games are banned. That’s right…even if you download Halo 3 off of the Internet, you won’t be able to play it online. And where’s the fun if you can’t just walk around and frag your friends and total strangers just for the hell of it?

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  1. BitTorrent Avatar

    old news, the new thing is that the U2 album has been leaked

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