Your Wi-Fi City…Not Quite…

Chicago recently scapped one of the most ambitious plans in the country possibly ever thought to be executed since Google decided to provide free Wi-Fi for the Mountain View community…the goal was to provide Chicago’s residents with wireless broadband throughout the city. Unfortunately that was not to be as they determined the overall cost to the city/public to be too high. The city thought that it would only have to cough up the money to pay for the infrastructure, but its partner, Earthlink, disagreed and said that the city would need to cough up MUCH more to support this endeavour.

Besides, the city rationalized that not that many citizens would take advantage of wireless Internet. Where would they ever get THAT idea from? The city of Chicago is filled with an enormous bunch of corporations and business markets and for those low-income families that cannot afford wireless Internet, wouldn’t that be a boom for the city? Unfortunately we’ll never know as the article where this was posted, doesn’t include the cost for how much a person would pay to access this Wi-Fi connection – although I doubt it would be free…especially since it comes from Earthlink.

Even so, without Chicago, there are over 175 cities in the country that feature some manner of wireless Internet carried by a variety of service providers.

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