Can Flash and Google Get Along?

The answer is still no…there’s no way for an all Flash site to be search engine friendly…and a blog on Google’s website proves it. In other words, it came from the horse’s mouth. Here are some snippets from that blog entry:

Flash is inherently a visual medium, and Googlebot doesn’t have eyes. Googlebot can typically read Flash files and extract the text and links in them, but the structure and context are missing. Moreover, textual contents are sometimes stored in Flash as graphics, and since Googlebot doesn’t currently have the algorithmic eyes needed to read these graphics, these important keywords can be missed entirely.

Here are some key points for making sure that your site will be found by the spiders.

  1. Try to use Flash only where it is needed.
  2. A technique like sIFR still lets non-Flash readers read a page, since the content/navigation is actually in the HTML — it’s just displayed by an embedded Flash object.
  3. A common way that we see Flash used is as a front page “splash screen” where the root URL of a website has a Flash intro that links to HTML content deeper into the site.

Check out the entire article here.

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