Advertisers wanted for pay-per-BLOGGING?

What will the next entrepeneur “advertiser” think of next? Well wait no further as this past summer, someone came up with the ingenius idea of creating pay-per-blogging as the new wave of revenue generation. What is pay-per-blogging? According to an article published on, this new form of online advertising focuses more on content specific advertisements not with websites in general, but with specific blog entries that someone would make on their site.

PayPerPost, the new service that came out last summer, allows advertisers to post blogger “opportunities” along with how much their willing to pay. If the blog meets the criteria specified to the advertiser, then the blog owner will be paid. Now this hasn’t gone by without any controversy, but nevertheless, this appears to be catching on. With Google and Yahoo! both battling it out and having their own interface to allow advertisers to do so, it appears that more people have figured out another way that perhaps Google may snatch up in a few months down the road?

In the article, there are some limitations with using PayPerPost, but that is only because they don’t want advertisers to be taken advantage of. Abuse online is rather prevelent and it’s best to start out slow…although, they’re already branching out and expanding their reach to video advertising as well…something I believe Google and/or Yahoo has already been undertaking in the past year or so.

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