The Next Generation of Video-Sharing…

More and more websites these days are jumping onto the bandwagon that powerhouse YouTube has put together. Starting from MySpace’s addition of video-sharing capabilities to profiles to most major television networks having their own “software” that will allow viewers to see full length epsiodes or a two-minute recap of their favorite shows, it seems that video-sharing has become the fad of the year, surpassing the interest in social networks.

Don’t get me wrong, social networking sites like Friendster and MySpace are still quite popular, but in terms of technology, more sites these days are rolling out video sharing technology. NBC is promoting heavily on its television stations and websites its ability to allow views to catch a recap of their missed episodes, while rival CBS has mimiced YouTube with its InnerTube system. Google Video already had been established before the parent company purchased YouTube and now MySpace is weighing in and hoping to draw some interest with its millions of users.

Just what else new will video sharing be attached to? Well can’t be mobile technology as many cell phone manufacturers are already capitalizing on it…specifically Amp’d Mobile. Verizon Wireless is making a big hit out of it with their VCast technology and it won’t be a surprise when Cingular and Sprint unveil their technology in the next year or so.

Coming soon to a mobile device or website near you…more commercial ads that can be customized for your viewing pleasure…

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