The ‘Created Economy’

In May 2021, I collaborated with my friend Gregarious Narain on the launch of a podcast about the creator economy. We interviewed key players, builders and creators in the space and discussed the technological changes impacting the industry.

Many of the guests were researched and scheduled by me. I handled the run-of-show as well as post-production work (e.g. uploading show notes, sharing videos to and managing all social channels, etc.).

Initially, the “Created Economy” started as a live video show, with a stream broadcasted simultaneously on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook. Eventually, we transitioned to pre-recorded episodes. In April 2022, all episodes were distributed in audio form and syndicated on Anchor, Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Castbox and other podcast platforms.

Notable Interviews

To date, 55 interviews have been taped, made up of YouTube and Twitch creators, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and other industry experts.

  • Randi Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of HUG
  • Dmitry Shapiro, Co-founder and CEO of Koji
  • Mike Donoghue, Co-founder and CEO of Subtext
  • Nicholena Moon, Twitch streamer
  • Heather Ramirez, YouTube coach
  • James Hicks, YouTuber and founder of Hicks New Media
  • Josh Constine, venture partner at Signalfire VC
  • Goldie Chan, Warm Robots
  • Amber Case, Advisor to Unlock Protocol
  • Peter Shankman, HARO founder and public speaker at
  • Tom Buck, YouTuber
  • Joe Fernandez, Co-founder and CEO of Klout
  • Alexandra Nikolajev, Global Content and Partnerships Lead at Pinterest
  • Chris Pirillo, Creator and Founder of MakerDeck
  • Brendan Gahan, Chief Social Officer at Mekanism
  • YiYing Lu, Illustrator and creator of the “Fail Whale”
  • Bryan Reisberg, Creator and owner of Maxine the Fluffy Corgi
  • Kaya Yurieff, Reporter for The Information

Watch the ‘Created Economy’

Watch all episodes of “The Created Economy” on our YouTube channel.