Astellas Transplant

The pharmaceutical manufacturer behind the transplant drug PROGRAF requested the development of an “eDetail” application for use by sales representatives to educate healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Three objectives needed to be accomplished by the app:

  • Capture HCP’s attention
  • Highlight new data and messaging to HCPs about the drug’s accessibility and low co-pay costs
  • Communicate resources the drugmaker provides to help patients with co-pay issues

From Flash to iOS

The first generation was developed natively for use on a tablet PC using Flash and ActionScript 3. To spotlight Astellas’ commitment to helping patients while also dispelling myths about PROGRAF, the app featured interactive elements to test HCP’s knowledge about the drug’s safety, access and support provided to patients.

I documented how the app would behave before working with a designer and developer on production.

Months after launching, I oversaw the transition from a Flash-based app to one that worked on iPads with a 3G/4G LTE connection. In addition to maintaining existing interactive elements, this next-generation program included tracking analytics, an option for HCPs to have brochures and pamphlets mailed to them, and integration with the Veeva iRep CRM.

Roles and Responsibility

As the project manager, I was the driving force behind a cross-functional team composed of production, medical research, copywriting, and client management professionals.

I oversaw quality assurance testing and ensured that the app was ready for editorial and regulatory review. My expertise allowed me to provide the necessary documentation, hardware, and screenshots to facilitate a smooth review process, especially from the client and the Food and Drug Administration.

Post-launch, I went the extra mile by creating a detailed training manual complete with screenshots to ensure that Astellas’ sales representatives could confidently navigate and utilize the app.

App Screenshot Gallery