Setting The Stage For A Comeback With Stage Two Consulting.

Stage Two Consulting

I’ve been fortunate enough thus far to have networked with a lot of people. Whether that’s through attending numerous conferences, events, meetups, tweetups or through social media, I’ve amassed a pretty good network of friends and acquaintances.

To be honest, I think that was the point of me doing all this networking. When I was beginning the process of looking for a job once again, I felt the most prudent use of my time was to start going to conferences and events to network with people and become known. Sure, people knew me on Twitter and other social networks, but what harm was there to go out and do it again but this time in real life? None…so I bought a ticket and headed to Austin, Texas for my first tech conference at South by Southwest. From there, I built up a rapport with some people who I consider my dear friends and it’s only snowballed from there – all in a good way!

Enter today…this has all come to a climactic conclusion with me proudly announcing that starting today, I’m the new (social media) strategist with a GREAT marketing and media relations company known as Stage Two Consulting!

What is Stage Two Consulting? To me, I believe it’s a firm that truly believes in helping companies get from an idea to profit/sales. They’re concerned with helping their clients focus on how to truly improve their product and get it out there to the right people and have successfully done this over their short lifetime. They believe in relationships and fostering the people connection – something that I love to do…so it must be a right fit, right?? YES!

But here’s the best part…Stage Two, lead by some incredible people including Jeremy Toeman, has decided that they want me to continue with my outgoing activities! So I’m still going to be continuing to do everything that I’ve been doing before and still have a great job helping clients figure out how to enhance their online presence! My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the great folks at Stage Two Consulting for believing in me and trusting that I’ll do the company proud – that faith is really inspiring…

So what will happen to all my other bloggings here at or perhaps on one of my other blogs, including Network Solutions and That won’t change. I’m looking forward to continuing to write for them and to promote what I see and experience in the Internet and tech scenes here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Oh, and my photography won’t diminish either. I’ll be continuing to do that for sure!

Extended thanks go out to all of you for your support during this time. You have my deepest gratitude, admiration and respect.

Now off to the races!

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  1. suki Avatar

    Congratulations, Ken! That's excellent news, and I continue looking forward to hearing about your ventures and adventures. 😉

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  3. esornoso Avatar

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