iStrategyLabs Spreads Its Wings & Reaches San Francisco

Social Media Club SF/SV - Blackbird Bar - Peter Corbett & Chris HeuerI’m pretty amazed as to the growth of businesses during a time of a recession so it’s probably no surprise that I’m reporting on iStrategyLabs and their recent advancements into the west coast.

Run by its CEO, Peter Corbett, iStrategyLabs has done a phenomenal job within its early existence. Having just celebrated its two year anniversary, this digital agency has focused itself on providing quality products and solutions towards a variety of clientele, including large brand names like GEICO, American Eagle and even to government entities like to Washington, DC and the government of Helsinki, Finland. Just this past summer, the company even began its expansion conquest around the country with its second office in New York City where it will help address the needs of its other clients, including NASDAQ and many more.

But will wonders never cease? Apparently not as just a few days ago, iStrategyLabs announced their entry into the Silicon Valley area where this office will be managed by none other than Internet famous consultant and strategist,Chris Heuer – best known as one of the founders of Social Media Club and AdHocnium. After hearing about the opening of a second office in NYC, I’m really not surprised that Corbett would open a third office nor that it was going to be in San Francisco. What shocked me was how fast he moved! But then again, when I saw him in San Francisco around the time of FOOCamp (for “Friends of [Tim] O’Reilly”), I remember him saying that he was thinking about opening up an office – in the metaphorical sense, at the very least.

Well lo’ and behold, the guy did it…and he picked one heck of a guy to run it.

iStrategyLabs couldn’t have picked a better place to set up shop. They definitely have a great location addressing government and non-profit needs in the nation’s capital, financial and other business markets in New York City, and now in San Francisco, they’re going to be intimately in touch with the actual technology being created in the Valley that will give them an advantage in being the digital agency that truly understands how to use social media and emerging technology. What an impressive team that is being built at iStrategyLabs…it’s practically an all-star who’s who that any company would be fortunate enough to work with.

Congrats guys!

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