Getting Social In Real Life With The Social Media Club

It’s fascinating how people use social media. Really. It’s definitely a means of communicating with one another and getting people sharing common interests. If enough people are interested, then perhaps an organization forms. This is exactly what will happen this Saturday in the San Francisco Bay Area. Organized through the work of Barbara Drady and Janet Fouts, this summer excursion will bring social media enthusiasts and professionals together to network in a very casual setting. There’s no case studies or presentations or even a question & answer session. Instead, you board a bus and head north to Sonoma Valley to just “bond” and get to know one another in a more leisurely environment.

Not all networking needs to be stiff and boring. It’s a great time to go out and get to form a more common bond and relationship and who knows what will happen – a network may form, partnerships may be established, and most likely fun will be had by all. I will be going along with the cast and crew of this bus voyage to wine country and have been tasked with documenting the activity.

All of this has been arranged through the great folks of the Social Media Club. I have mentioned them throughout my blog on different occasions but haven’t really said much about this extraordinary organization that I’m proud to be loosely associated with (I say loosely because I attend the events but haven’t been a member).

Started in 2006 by Chris Heuer, Kristie Wells and several others, the Social Media Club’s established goal was to “help people find all the relevant communities of interest in which they want to participate.” In other words, they wanted to connect folks with a passion for being social, understand the web and its technology, and wanted to network in a professional setting with one another. It is truly a global organization that has spanned local chapters around the country and also the world with over 55 networks already established and growing! You can read more about the mission behind the Social Media Club here and also what you can do to help them grow.

This Saturday will be just another great event for professionals to be social and network with one another and if you’re interested and happen to be around the San Francisco Bay Area, tickets are still available for $65.00. The wineries that we will be going to include:

  • First stop – Keller Estate – Known for their pinots and chardonnays.
  • Second stop – Balletto and Dutton-Goldfield – Family run wineries with a passion for what they do.
  • Third Stop – Owl Ridge – Won “Best New Wineryâ€� at the Wine literary awards tasting in 2006.

So stop what you’re doing and get over to buy your ticket to have some fun with industry professionals. No, we won’t be “talking shop”, but you’ll at least make better connections this way, right? Tickets are on sale through 12:00pm PST on Friday, July 10th and are $65.00 per person. This includes tastings at each vineyard, lunch, and making your own bottle of wine top bring home with you. Click here to buy your ticket(s) today!

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