Here’s my pitch to you. Are you buying it?

During the holiday season, I recently thought about what people are doing online. One thing that came to mind was the fact that marketers and public relation folks are “pitching” bloggers and other digital influencers without any regards for how to do it right. The concept of “pitching” got me thinking about if I had to write a copy deck that would be carried throughout the web spectrum.

But what’s so remarkable about each of these sites is that they allow for a certain amount of characters for a description/bio and I think it works aptly well for those people who want to read the proverbial “30 second elevator speech” and get the information they want. So here’s the first post of 2009 that I’d like to throw down my pitch to you and any companies out there to help start the conversation.

Passionate interactive producer. Motivated by helping promote all things digital & online in order to help facilitate conversation. Successful in multiple forms of web marketing with keen technical prowess. Besides knowing how to make things look pretty, I know how to make them work.

There it is…that’s my “pitch”. If you had just a brief moment to explain what you do and what you are, how would you “pitch” yourself to companies, your professional networks, or total strangers on an elevator?

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